The 2010 Big Game Offshore Tuna Fishing Season is about to get underway in the waters off the New England coast. Fisherman from RI to ME are gearing up for what everyone hopes will be a safe and productive fishing season. 2010 has already produced some of the best ground fishing we’ve seen in years. Market sized cod and haddock have been on the bank in big numbers in May. With any luck June with bring some really exiting Tuna fishing. If previous years are any indication this years average schoolie sized Bluefin Tuna will more than likely be in the 200lb range.

When the Tuna fish initially arrive in our waters a wide variety of squid colors and spreader bar configurations have been known to be productive. Unfortunetly this initail frenzy is usually a pretty short window. Once the fish settle in to our area you have to get a little more creative. With Tuna fishing success is in the details. Knowing when to adjust your spread, speed, and even what colors work best in different conditions give the experienced angler a ‘reel’ edge.

Last year we field tested new products in June with great success. Our new line of glow squid are like nothing else on the market. We used a variety of spreader bars sizes and shell squid at first light but we ALWAYS use a glow stinger. The results were impressive when compared with non-glowing hook baits. We also created a line of highly effective big-game slug-go bars and offshore daisy chains because sometimes the conditions warrant a ‘match the hatch’ strategy. When the schoolies are feeding on sand eels these new rigs are Tuna magnets.

The quality of our FuKu Squid can not be matched. They must be seen to be appreciated. Carlson Offshore Tackle takes great pride in manufacturing the toughest tuna fishing tackle in the industry. With new products on the horizon (Wombat Jig, Offshore Ballyhoo Bars, and more) and a whole host of time tested proven products (Carlson Birds) in the box 2010 is going to be a fantastic season.

–Tight lines